Author Topic: A random theme selection choice  (Read 4789 times)

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A random theme selection choice
« on: March 11, 2005, 06:43:49 PM »
I think that it would make a kind of fun mod if you could be able to have a theme selection in Look and Layout Preferences where when a member picks it they will find themselves using a different theme each time they log on the board. I could just imagine it! The theme name could be Random Theme, and the thumbnail could have question marks on it.  :P

Probably something not all the members would go for but could be fun especially if all the themes look alike on a forum but perhaps have a different color schemes to them. Such as if someone has just the Daze themes on their board then a member can see a different one each time they login. Example on Monday they login in and see the Blue Daze theme, and on Tuesday they go back online and this time they see the Red Daze theme. :P
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