[3354][IE8] Problems with text box scroller/cursor moving.

Started by Adam112, May 08, 2009, 09:46:18 PM

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Quote from: scottb on June 15, 2009, 09:48:30 AM
Yeah, in IE8 at the top to the right of the address bar you'll see an icon of a torn in half piece of paper. Click on that which will turn on compatability mode and should solve that issue.
nice one dude. ;)


Quote from: Kays on July 17, 2009, 03:00:58 PM
If it's bothersome, a quick and dirty way to force IE8 to emulate IE7 is to add this line to the <head> in Index.template.php of the theme you are using.

<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=EmulateIE7" />

Thanks, I'm using that one on my website now, but I hope MS will fix this, checked through their bugportal and found reports on this bug that came in to them in March 2009, and its still not fixed. So I wont be waiting for a fix from them.


Hopefully ms will fix it.

I'm still hopeful we can do a temp fix. However I would not recommend using the emulate ie7 tag because although it will resolve this bug, you'll end up with other ie7 bugs. :P


The question is which IE is buggier? I bet one buck ot IE8. I'm planning to put somewhere in my website a warning not use IE8, but FF and Opera instead.


IE 8.0.6 
SMF 2.0 RC 1-1

Problem description: post entry beyond height of post input box creates nasty cursor tracking issues. The post jumps back and forth. It seems to related to line width or total char count. Just hitting return a few times to create extra lines doesn't create this effect.

Unable to reproduce on Firefox or Chrome.

Steps to reproduce on IE 8.0.6: Create a post beyond the height of the post input box on an SMF 2.0 RC1-1 and watch the vertical position of the post jump or "flash" as some users have reported it.

User generated workaround: use Firefox or Chrome....


It's a known issue of Internet Explorer 8, encountered by many web applications. (and hated by them as well, you can easily imagine...)
You can find one of the reports here:      
[3354][IE8] Problems with text box scroller/cursor moving

On another note, nice workaround! ;)
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I use another forum which also uses SMF software. I have an unusual problem and they suggested I come here and post it.

The issue is when entering test in this window. Like posting a new reply. When I get up to about 20 lines of text or so, the scroll window starts to jump to the bottom line and then back to the top with EVERY character I type. Again... this works fine up to a certain point and then the window jumping starts. So I don't know if it has to do with a certain number of lines, or a certain number of characters. I can keep inputting text, but window jumping back and forth makes it almost impossible to keep inputting text at a certain point. I just tired it and it happens on this as well. The other Forum I use where I first noticed this is peyroniesforum.net.  Any suggestions, is it a setting I need to change or make?

Running Windows XP with Internet Explorer 8.


This is a known issue with IE8 and SMF's code.

For the interim you can enable compatibility mode for your forum which should solve the problem, though it should be/is being fixed for RC2 AFAIK.


Its not currently patched in the svn.  But I do hope we can get a fix for RC2 (at least a temporary fix until Microsoft fully patches IE8)


I thought it was fixed by now. I believe as a temporary measure you can enforce IE7 rendering in the stylesheet with the EmulateIE7 meta entry though.



Moving to fixed bugs forum,

Yes, I've fixed this (I hope) in the 2.0 svn today.
Since 1.1.x doesn't even detect IE8, I've just made IE8 render 1.1.x as IE7 with the emulate IE7 tag,


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Reviving.... I dutifully visited http://dev.simplemachines.org/mantis/view.php?id=3354 but I can't find which files to edit re the textbox size, seems the filenames given refer to v 2.-?

Forum is still on 1.-  version.

Thanks for any info...


The notes are quite different for 2.0.

There is a patch applied in 1.1.11 that does not affect those lines in any way, whilst fixing the issue by using IE7 emulation.




Quoteif I type a long enough post (roughly 2-3 lines past where the text box normally ends), the text box begins to act up on me.  If I type anything beyond that point, the viewed part of the text seems to "hop" up a few lines from where I am typing and I can only briefly see the line I am typing, at the very bottom of the box, for the few milliseconds during which time I press the letter key(s).  This is very annoying when writing a post, editing a post, and selecting text in the box to cut or copy.

This is the problem.

2.0 rc2