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AllCaps Blocker (ex-AllCaps Notifier) - v2.0 is out! [10. 04. 2009.]

Started by Branko., December 02, 2008, 07:19:50 PM

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Its working no SMF rc3 with the unoficial version.
How can I prevent caps for post and subject? (now is only for subject or quickreply)


Another question please: When someon try to reply on a topic created with CAPS, before install this mod, can not send message.
Its possible to send messages only on topics already created with caps?


I offer you in Turkish translation

// AllCapsBlocker_translation_ by SirtLanVadisi
$txt['ALL_CAPS_NOTIFIER'] = 'Capslock-tuşunuz açık.\n\n Lütfen yanıt yazarken sadece büyük harfleri kullanmayınız.';
$txt['allcaps_mods_cat'] = 'Caps Lock Ayarları';
$txt['allcaps_number_of_chars'] = 'Hangi sayı ardışı büyük harfde ( boşluk veya noktalama işaretleri olmadan) Spam olarak kabul edilsin:';
$txt['allcaps_prevent_posting'] = 'Yanıtlarda büyük harflerle yazılan harfler  yasaklansın?';
$txt['allcaps_show_more_than_once'] = 'Uyarı tekrarlansınmı  (Noktalamada uyarı sadece bir kere uyarılır)?';
$txt['allcaps_settings_title'] ='AllCaps Ayarları';
$txt['allcaps_prevented_warning'] = 'Yazdığınız metinde fazla büyük harfler bulunuyor, bu sebebden dolayı yanıt yazamassınız .\n\nLütfen yazmak istediğiniz yanıtığınızı değiştiriniz ve yenileğiniz.';
// AllCapsBlocker_translation_ by SirtLanVadisi

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lord alibaski

Wouldn't mind this also updating myself.

I would attempt to try the parsing but got confused near the



When the expected mod for the 2.0 version of the script?



Hi guys,
I installed the mod under smf 1.1.19.
Could someone tell me where in the Admin panel can I set the options for the mod? I looked all over and could not find it.



Quote from: pikeman on May 29, 2013, 07:39:09 AM
Is there an alternative to this mode to 2.0.4?

Emulate it to 2.0.4

Quote from: dand on December 16, 2013, 04:22:39 AM
Hi guys,
I installed the mod under smf 1.1.19.
Could someone tell me where in the Admin panel can I set the options for the mod? I looked all over and could not find it.


Not provided
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* Version 2.0 (10. 04. 2009.)
- Changed name to AllCaps Blocker
- Works with Unicode characters
- Improved detection - skips spaces and punctuation marks
- Added a possibility to set the number of successtive chars to be considered writing in ALLCAPS in the ACP (default: 6)
- Added a possibility to warn always, not just the first time
- It is now possible to prevent posting if ALLCAPS text remains (off by default)
- Checks also the Post Subject box now
- Works with AJAX inline edits now
- Works with default Quick Reply in SMF 2 now
- Removed compatibility for SMF 1.1.x

see red text above.

You need to upgrade to 2.0.11, since 1.1.x is at end of life and will likely soon not work at all, as hosts upgrade to modern versions of php

Please do not PM, IM or Email me with support questions.  You will get better and faster responses in the support boards.  Thank you.

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Here is the French translation:

$txt['ALL_CAPS_NOTIFIER'] = 'Il semble que vous tentiez d'écrire en n'utilisant que des majuscules.\n\nVeuillez noter que c'est contraire aux règles du forum.';
$txt['allcaps_mods_cat'] = 'Réglages de AllCaps';
$txt['allcaps_number_of_chars'] = 'Nombre de caractères majuscules successifs pour considérer que le texte n'est écrit qu'en majuscules (Les espaces et signes de ponstuation ne sont pas comptés):';
$txt['allcaps_prevent_posting'] = 'Empêcher l'envoi si le texte demeure en majuscules dans le message/sujet ?';
$txt['allcaps_show_more_than_once'] = 'Afficher l'avertissement plusieurs fois (si non coché l'avertissement ne sera affiché que la première fois)?';
$txt['allcaps_settings_title'] = 'Réglages de AllCaps';
$txt['allcaps_prevented_warning'] = 'Votre texte ou sujet contient du texte en majuscules, c'est pourquoi vous ne pouvez pas poster.\n\nCorrigez-le et essayez à nouveau.';


Tried to install this in 2.0.15, with emulation for 2.0 RC1 and no dice.

Is there a chance that this Mod might get an update?
I really like the idea of blocking all caps-posts, would safe the mods time and aggravation...