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Mod project: Good Post/Bad Post
« on: May 28, 2009, 05:14:09 PM »
I'm writing this with extreme precaution, because i find very weird that this kind of mod hasn't been made or requested so far, and my fear of ridicule is high enough. :P I've browsed these forums and searched the mod database and, to my awe, had no results of anything barely similar to this.
The idea is not new. The concept is present in other popular forum systems (or in their own mods), and is present in websites with large userbases such as YouTube (as "Comment scoring" or "Comment voting").

The main idea is to give a user the option to rate a post once, giving it either a positive or negative vote. This action has the immediate effect of either adding or substracting one score point from it respectively (every post starts with a score of 0).
But the key part is that once a certain negative score is reached, (i.e. -5) the post is collapsed or greyed-out from that moment on. A user may ignore a collapsed/greyed post or may click on a button to display its contents anyway if he wants to see what the post was about.
Likewise, a post with a high score might stand out. There are several subtle ways to do this without conflicting with the post contents, although it's hard to decide on the most proper one.
An extra feature of this mod would be to sum the scores for every post from the same user and display the number as a karma-like value (namely "Respect") in the profile and/or under the avatar.

In all, this would just be a bit of help to the forum moderators, with the nice extra that it resembles democracy a little. Even without the Respect counter under the avatar, it gives users and mods a general idea of who's a worthy poster and who isn't. And after a while, if you see that you agree with how posts get rated, you can stop reading the grey/collapsed ones. If you don't, you intervene and rate posts as you see fit.

There's the need of letting users have an option made to display hidden posts (i.e. necessary for forum Moderators). Admins should also be able to choose which boards this mod would apply to.

I'm planning on coding this myself. The idea is complex enough and it takes modifications from the database to the theme (including new javascript files). Maybe it's a big challenge for the first official-ish mod i'll try to write, but i'm quite familiar with the SMF source already so i'm not scared nor lost. Nevertheless, tips and suggestions will be very welcomed. :)

Ps. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong board, didn't seem quite right to do it in the SMF coding discussion board, even though this thread is less a request than a future mod announce.
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Re: Mod project: Good Post/Bad Post
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2009, 05:55:53 PM »
I think this post should be in coding discussion.
Plus, thank you for this mod. This looks like nice.
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