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Vivid Violet

Started by Shortie, June 07, 2009, 07:18:32 PM

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Link to the theme

Vivid Violet - By Shortie

The layout is of a fluid design with a completely re-organised front page

The Theme contains features such as:-

* A fully centered menu which will automatically adjust with the width of the forum.
* Clean and sharp font which contrasts with the background for easy reading.
* Updated front page layout, with high lighted Categories.

So Enjoy, there will be more colour variations in the future.


Why not Visit our Demo Site "Demo-Graphics" and See This Theme in action



Nice theme. Question? Whats the difference between themes for 1.X and 2.0? Is the CSS alot different? (wondering because I run 1.1.8 but I would like to use this theme. :)


I love this theme.  Only thing i dont really like is all the forum headings are centred.  Can i change this and if so how?



Hi Swan

Are you talking about the category header or the board title are both

If you can let me know which I can see what I can do it is not difficult just need to make sure it is what you want

May be best to post here Graphics Mayhem As it would make life easier