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Error in Subs.php, line 3936, in every click

Started by leftezi, August 12, 2009, 01:37:36 PM

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Is this still a problem?

It's not anything wrong with Subs.php that I can immediately see though.

Also, if you remove the mods one by one, does that make the issue go away?


As i said
Quote from: leftezi on August 16, 2009, 10:48:25 PM
I think you have right. It has something to do with the theme.
I have turned the forum in default theme and it produces no errors.

I think i have to live with it for a while.  :-[


As this is a premium theme you should actually be entitled to support from the author.


I think you have right. I will.
Should i mark this as solved?


Not if it isn't solved. Ask over on the site for the theme, but if that doesn't work out we'll see what we can do here.

If you get an answer on the site for this problem, please then do mark it solved.

Either way please let us know how it goes.


It was a theme issue.
I contacted the author. He will correct this.

Thank you for your help.