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Square Core

Started by Liam., July 22, 2009, 05:29:35 PM

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Square Core
[size=10]Default Theme - Core - With Square Edges ! ! ![/size]
Created By iKorp Networks

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The "Square Core" Theme is compatible with SMF 1.1.X and 2.0. It will be updated as soon as any new versions of SMF are released.


The "Square Core" Theme is exactly the same as the SMF Default Theme - "Core", apart from the fact that the images that make it have rounded edges, are now squared. This may be good for any websites that want to be a bit neater than the default theme.


Install this theme through the theme manager. It has not been fully tested for SMF 1.1.X, however it does work there. There may be some excess images (it was ported from SMF 2.0), however that won't affect it.


Version 1.0 - July 21 2009
* The initial release of the "Square Core" Theme.


iKorp Networks - Hosting the theme's demo.
iKiller - Creating the theme.


Hmm, might just be me, but that screenshot looks strangely like the default theme.

EDIT: My bad, didn't see that it had square corners.
Those large signatures really look great!
Especially when it takes up ten times the size of the actual post!!


Lol Rodregis ;) I hope that you like this theme ;) Or just think it looks a tad neater than the default :P