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Domain Name Changes!!!

Started by RAVZ, April 10, 2005, 06:57:22 AM

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I have installed the SMF forum using Fantastico tool, and now my hosting company is changing their domain name to something else.

my problem example:

Installed forum in: [nonactive]

Domain changed to: [nonactive]

so now my forum don't work properly as all the file searches url from [nonactive].

can anyone help?? or is there any way to change this using phpMyAdmin tool??

thanks in advance



i checked the link out and also downloaded the files, but i still don't understand how to make that chnage(s)  ???

i am sorry if i sound stupid, but i am really new to SMF.

can you please help me!

thanks for you help.


now i get it, thanks again for your help.

thank you.