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Google Translation by BurkeKnight Enterprises

Started by Burke ♞ Knight, December 21, 2008, 06:03:02 PM

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I moved the flags above the shrink button

any chance you can give me the changes i have 2 do for this

also can i move my search box up there 2
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I have added a Welsh to English flag. I had to harcode this in though as it wouldn't convert non-english text as follows:

<a href=";sl=cy&amp;tl=en&amp;u=', $scripturl, '?topic=', $context['current_topic'], '.0.html" title="Welsh to English" target="_blank"><img src="', $settings['default_theme_url'], '/images/gtflags/wales.png" alt="[WA]" style="border:none;" /></a>

Watch the skies!!


Well, this is a old mod.

I am still waiting on my mod to be approved which will have language translation with rev17 which is already built but is still in testing. However rev16 is submitted here though and waiting approval.

But here is a real simple language translation to add to your site. Real simple to install, just edit the template or if you have a portal put it in a block. Plus it also works for quest and logged in users.

Also a live example can be found at . Just look at the chat bar at the bottom of the page, it will have language translation.


A friend has it on this site and it works perfectly.
I installed it on my site and whenever a button is pressed it goes to a Google Translate page in the new language but at the Forum Login and not with the page translated!



I am working on a smf forum site for our Mexico Condo association.  We speak English and Spanish.  Do I understand correctly that this will not allow Spanish to English Translation?  If so any suggestions?
smf 2.0.18


Quote from: nend on May 04, 2010, 10:42:36 AM
Real simple to install, just edit the template or if you have a portal put it in a block. Plus it also works for quest and logged in users.

Could you be more specific on how to install this with smf 2RC3.  I like it that you can translate to English.
smf 2.0.18


You could also try [THIS] mod.
It does as you ask.
Do NOT give admin and/or ftp details to just anybody, see if they are trust worthy first!!  Do your homework ;)


I ended up putting the following just after the global declarations in template_main() in Display.template.php and it seems to work fine.  I only needed Spanish and English.  In order for it to work the way I wanted it I needed to claim that the original language was something other then Spanish or English.

Quote<div id="google_translate_element"></div><script>
function googleTranslateElementInit() {
  new google.translate.TranslateElement({
    pageLanguage: 'af',
    includedLanguages: 'en,es'
  }, 'google_translate_element');
</script><script src=""></script>
smf 2.0.18

Burke ♞ Knight

This mod has been updated for SMF 2.0.5 with some changes:

This modification adds Google Translation buttons to the default theme.
There are three different versions:
Places them in the user section, under the Total time logged in line. (1.1.x & 2.0)
Replaces the news box. (2.0 Only)
Replaces the SMF Logo. (2.0 Only)

If need support for this mod, please go to BurkeKnight Enterprises and register there.

We have a support ticket system for mod support.

We will no longer be supporting this mod here at the SMF site,
as we feel it is easier to keep all support at our site.