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Directories problem

Started by KTR Oliver, March 24, 2008, 04:40:46 PM

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KTR Oliver

Hoping some one can help.

I've recently taken over a forum, and transfered it to a new server, and a slightly different domain name.

Everything has gone well, but I can't get attachments, uploadable avatars and new themes to work because it won't accept the new directory paths.  If I try to change it, all pictures dissapear, but if I leave it pointing to the old directory (which is still in place) everything still works.  But basically it won't accept the new directory.

All the users photos etc. having been put on to the new server.

Hoping someone can help   :D

(plus - I'm a bit of a novice!)


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Screenshots may help!
Did You retain all names of all files . . .

One more thing, Are the paths completely correct. .
You can have "WWW" as the path for web content on a Windows Plan from Your host and have it at "httpdocs" or some other folder on a Linux, Unix Plan.
I hope its not just the domain name ur changing. .
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KTR Oliver

Cheers [nerve]

These are the current settings.

The URL's are correct, but directories are still the same as when it was on the old server.  Although everything is working, and user's uploaded files are ending up in the correct folder, surely the directory should be different now it's been moved. 

One other problem I am having is that I can't get uploaded themes to work, and I'm assuming this is also the cause.

And yes, all files have remained the same.

Many thanks,  Oliver.


Welcome to SMF.

Verify that the attachments folder is CHMOD to 777 and the Themes folder is 755.

KTR Oliver

Ah yes.  Very good.

Thanks very much greyknight.  That's that bit sorted.