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Started by ScottDB, August 13, 2009, 06:41:32 PM

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Hi all, I have been using this forum for a couple of months now and I got to say it has the best support that I've seen for any product.

I do have one question as to how to use this forum though. How do you stop watching a topic. I no longer need to watch some of the posts but when I go to show new replies to post it shows topics that I haven't posted in for quite a while. I know, it's sort of like complaining about to much help :D .
Thank you,

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See: Profile > Notifications

Alternatively you can just view the individual topics themselves and press notify again to unnotify yourself :). The e-mails should also contain un-notify links

Alternatively, if you're referring to having these topics show up in your "unread replies" list, there is no way to remove them :)
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Namecheap (domains)
Fastmail (e-mail)
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