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Post Template Mod

Started by jhaagmans, August 17, 2009, 04:42:27 AM

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Owner of Mesozoic Haven


Please, can somebody update this Mod/Idea to an RC5 / 2.0.1 - Release?

Thanks in advance


Download the   on the MOD page.  It's compatible up to SMF 2.0.2

When you get an install error on /Themes/default/ManageBoards.template.php  , just do this edit in the file ...

<input type="checkbox" name="count" ', $context['board']['count_posts'] ? ' checked="checked"' : '', ' class="input_check" />

Replace with
<input type="checkbox" name="count" ', $context['board']['count_posts'] ? ' checked="checked"' : '', ' class="input_check" />

// Text area for Post Template Mod
echo '
<td valign="top">
<b>', $txt['post_template_title'], '</b><br />
', $txt['post_template_description'], '<br />
<td valign="top" align="right">
<textarea name="post_template" rows="5" cols="29">'.
$context['board']['post_template'] .

Any other install errors you'll have to manually do yourself.  this was the only install error i got on a clean smf 2.0.2 forum, and it's because smf 2 and hogher stopped using the <tr> tags


I said this before and even trying the edits here ... it does install but when you save the template it says
QuoteAn Error Has Occurred!
Hacking attempt...

It does not save the template.
When I tried taking out everything except the first few words ... it worked. Seems like it is rejecting some special characters or its too long... I havent found out which yet.
First few lines did save ... will have to keep testing to see where it fails.

Text rejected by the template mod
QuoteUPDATES [更新]:
People signed up so far [人々はこれまでにサインアップ]:
Title and Date [タイトル, 日付]:
Location [場所]:
Event Grade [イベント等級]:
Contact Details (and sign up conditions) [連絡先詳細(と参加の条件)]
Organizer's email here, also phone number ok, or ask to sign up on the website page, or send you private message on the website (PM).

Event Details [イベント詳細], Route and Time [ルートと時間]
Maps and Useful links [地図と役に立つリンク]
Things to Bring [持参するもの]
Meeting Time and Place [集合時間と場所]
Travel Details [旅行の詳細]
Cost [費用]

REMEMBER - to join an event see the 'Contact Details'. Website reply, email, phone, PM-private message.

SAFETY! (Event Grade, Safety & Insurance / イベント等級、安全&保険) Read before joining events!

The board edit page is also squashed 1/2 width ... can live with that.
Also another error now trying slightly shorter text.

QuoteYou have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near 's email here, also phone number ok, or ask to sign up on the website page, or se' at line 6
File: /home2/outdoor3/public_html/Sources/Subs-Boards.php
Line: 674

My system is up to date smf 202.


Its some character in there ....
& ...? maybe.

Also it doesnt work when topic posted from the calendar   :P wonderful...
Not much use after I just potty trained everyone to always add events from the calendar.


Did anybody made this to work on every reply not just on new topic?


How to make it work for 1.1.16? Does manual installation "how to" exists?


New suggestion? Allow "canned replies" as part of mod, or possibly part of a new, "pro" version?

Owner of Mesozoic Haven


I've updated this package for 2.0.3 and attached it to this reply. All tests in the package manager are successful and it installs without any errors.

<<Attachment removed by K@. Sorry and all that.>>


The attached update files do indeed install perfectly (and on 2.04)


* Arantor notifies the administrators that the above package is technically illegal without the original author's permission to do so.


I know nobody has posted in this topic in months, and not sure it's even supported anymore; but I just found this mod, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

I have a question that hopefully someone that uses this mod can answer. I am interested in starting one board with a pre-filled template in it. When the person fills the template out, they will then have a drop down box with all the other boards of the forum in it (except the private boards they can't see or have access to), allowing them to simply choose the board they want their topic redirected to.

Has anyone added this to the mod, or does anyone have any idea of how something like this can be accomplished?


Edit: Um, nevermind. I just realized this can be accomplished by default by setting board permissions. ;)


I continue to get PMs asking me for my attachment that the moderators removed...

The forum policy here seems to be counter-productive in this particular case.

I still have the fixed package file if the original author or a moderator wants it to officially fix this mod.


The policy is because of a little thing called copyright law which we are unfortunately bound to uphold.


is there anything else like this? i really need a new topic template mod


is Error > Call to undefined function mysql_num_rows()
SMF 2.0.15 | PHP 7.X | MySql 5.6 | Softer theme | SMFAds


The mod needs updating for PHP 7.


Any hopes of adding this into 2.1? or adding responsiveness to the templates? This is something my site *adores* and I would love to keep it going.


There is zero chance it will become part of 2.1 but it's not impossible to update for 2.1.