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Rotating banners SMF 2.0 RC1.2 ?

Started by Spiker, August 23, 2009, 04:19:39 PM

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Hey guys first of all would like to say respect to you for making what SMF is today!.  So I'm here with a couple of questions about few things, keep in mind I'm not php programmer and I might ask something that might looks funny or silly to some of you pros here but im asking with best intentions    =)

I'm running SMF 2.0 RC1.2 forum and my members created couple of banners for it. So here is the thing I want to know if its possible somehow to 3-6 banners rotate on forum refresh. Ive read up on all topics you have for SMF v1.1.x but as I searched support forum for 2.x I didn't came across anything. And I don't want to try something that can possibly "break" my forum hehe so that's why am here :).I also read up on other simple php codes that are used by some people on forums to make rotate their avatars on refresh. So basically that's what I try to achieve here with the banner. Here is some more info, im using custom theme just to let you know and im capable of following instructions if you guys have something to say on this topic.

So please if you would like to help me or show me way to do it anything that will point me in right direction will be very much appreciated.



Well, to get that ability, you must create a custom template with that code...
Your lucky, lol. I am currently designing a theme with the Rotate.php file and the php rotator code in my header.
If you like Dark Themes, then your welcome... If you hate dark themes, then you would have to wait untill im done with this...
If you have any questions on the theme, then email me: [email protected]

I have a suggestion too!
Why dont you go to your ftp, create a folder called "logos" then upload the logos there, then go to: to download the rotator php code. Then upload it to the same folder "logos" (folder which it contains your logos) and try this link:


NOTE: You must extract so that it shows rotate.php


Thanks for your reply redsew, I was able to make banners rotate but on the  VERY TOP of my forum and not in the banner area with some code similar to yours using basically that, then put my banners into ../somefolder/ made the script point that path and randomly display the banner on the top of the forum. But cant make it actually display it in right place where the banner should be so I ended up with rotating banners on the top of the forum then with static banner under it. Well I do like dark themes and cant wait to see how you manage to do it.

In mean time still looking for someone else if can post some quick php snippet or something on how to position the banner in the right place where my static banner is now.



Are you still looking for this? If so please attach your theme's index.template.php including the code for the ad rotation you already have.

Please also confirm exactly where you'd like the ad to end up.