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smf v2.0 and ie7/ie6

Started by thief2, September 30, 2009, 11:19:04 AM

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I have searched these forums but not found a fix for this.

If I run IE7 or IE6 with SMF v2.0 , any new post has the text off to the right.

I cannot scroll across to read it as most of it is off the screen.

With IE8 I do not get this problem , unless I select compatibility veiw , then I do.

Any ideas?

King Mofo

Well im not too sure about the code to fix it, but my guess is that its not working correctly in i.e 6,7 or compatibilty mode 8 because the version u have of SMF might be too new for the older internets. I was currently having this problem with a mod, but the other way around. My guess is the code would be in the index.template.php file where u would find the code to make it work with which ever version of internet. sorry i cant help more, but good luck.


It's got to be your theme or a mod. Switch to the default theme, if the problem is still there it's a mod, if it isn't, it's your theme.


I assume you are using 2.0 RC1.2. As NickC says, it's either a mod or a customised theme. Which theme are you using and do you have any mods installed?


We are convinced it's our theme that's the cause , but we cannot find the issue.

The default theme works fine.

The original theme has been modified heavilly , so it's difficult to localise the fault.

Do any of you have an idea where abouts the problem may be? (index.template.php file )


Something like that

A bunch of changes have been made with SMF 2.0 RC2. I would wait until there's a public release before making changes, as the theme system has been totally revamped.