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Started by N a t i, October 11, 2009, 08:26:54 PM

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N a t i


Excellent them, using right now.


Nice theme. shame that RC2 will go public very soon.

My SMF 2.1 Beta test site;



Will you by any chance be revising the Fly theme to support RC2 as i have it on our Site and now we are up to RC2 icons do not appear and some posts are half way across the screen because of the ordering of icons.



Ok I have fixed most of the compatability issues with the theme and RC2 however i am now stuck on one particular part.
If a user posts a message and does not have a signature at the bottom then the next poster ends up being halfway across the screen.

Is there any way of correcting this and possibly putting a border around each post to seperate them?

I have included an image of what is happening