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Larger 'new' image

Started by forumite, October 18, 2009, 10:27:43 AM

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I love the Curve theme, but many of the folks in my forum are old geezers, and the 'new' image is kinda small. I'm kinda image challenged, and In SMF 1.x I used Paint to create a larger one. I was wondering if anyone has one that matches the Curve theme. Or someone who might feel sorry for this bunch of old folks and create one.

The image size that was the best compromise between the guys being able to hit the target and taking up too much real estate was around 45x15px. The original in the Babylon theme was 23x9 and in Curve it's 26x11.

TIA for any help.

Oops, just realized this was in the wrong place.


Yeah, that's easy. You want it orange or a different colour? I can knock one up in ten minutes for you.


Orange, matching the Curve theme, would be great. Thanks.


Ok, made two of them with different fonts just for fun. Take your pick. :)


On behalf of the old geezers, a big thanks!

BTW do you mind me asking what you used to create them?


Photoshop. :) Although if you want a free one GIMP would do the job just as well. And you're welcome.


Ah, yes. I have PS Elements around here somewhere.