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Who Voted What For V1.1.10

Started by pantera420, October 20, 2009, 10:23:09 AM

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Hi guys, I've tried everything to get this working.  I've installed the V1.1.9 and edited the package-info file to get it to install.

I have all the options, I can select table view, etc, but it still won't work.  Any more suggestions or is there a mod for 1.1.10 on it's way?


Best place to ask that would be in the mod's own thread.

Note that you can use Version Emulate Dropdown in future to help you with mod installs where the mod works fine but not fully updated.


Thanks for the answer.  Where would one find the mod's own thread.  I'm still trying to learn proper navigation around this board.  There's so much stuff!!


From the page where you download it, there is a link that says "Support and comments for this mod". All mod pages have such a link on them.