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The Interactive Story
« on: May 03, 2005, 09:00:26 AM »
The blog comments system may be further extended. That will change the Blog into Interactive Story. The Interactive Story is a thing where thoughts do evolve.

- Each Story post have a comments thread in the forum.

- For the visitor it is impossible to make his comment as a new comments thread.

- For the moderator it is possible to convert a comment into a new thread.

- For the moderator it is possible to quote and to convert the post from the forum into the Story post.

- There is only one Story line. The comments for each Story post form the developments pool, the comments may be voted.

- While posting into the Story, it shall be possible to mark forum sections. A links to these sections are put below the posts in the Story.

- Whenever a comment is converted into a thread or a new comments thread is created for the Story post, it shall be possible
1. to quote the original post
2. to include the original post entirely
3. to include a link to the original post

Links to the forum sections below the posts are a way to guide the discussion of the posts. The quoting options allow discussions to be continuous.

The forum sections can be selected like this. On the article post page it can be a button "Choose Forums". First you select the forum sections that are relevant to the Story in general. After that the smaller number of sections is presented on the post page each time the article is posted.

The comments are kept per Story post and may be turned into the new threads, the comments may be guided into certain forum sections, the comments may become the posts in the Story, that is, it's an Interactive Story thing.

You might discuss adventures of your hero.
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