Only admins can look for IP

Started by rjckE, November 24, 2009, 04:53:34 PM

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Hello there,
is any option about "Only admins can see users IPs"??? Because i have a group called Super Moderators (they are like Semi admins) and they can see IPs and i don't want that Super Mods can watch users IPs.

Thanks for the help :)


There is a mod I've written that I submitted to the mod site only earlier on today that would permit this. Makes separate permissions for viewing your own IP and viewing any IP address.

There's a topic in Mod Requests where I attached the mod for testing purposes, though not sure exactly where.


I used advanced search ( )

Searching for IP by user Arantor in MODs Requests but i couldn't find anything...

Don't you remember what was the topic about exactly?


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Namecheap (domains)
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But I posted it at the time of the topic, I just couldn't find it originally.


Sorry for late reply. This was very useful for me.