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I want to move some things around in the header

Started by Xolkiyr, December 15, 2009, 06:05:06 PM

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Okay, so here's the important information first:

Forum Version: v2 RC 1.2
Theme: Custom(modeled after default theme)

You can find the current dev version of the theme here and the coding for the custom parts of the layout here.

What I want to do is move some of the menu items up where the Unread Messages and New Replies bit is. Now keep in mind, the Avatar/Shops/Inventory bits are going to be custom pages. Just to get that out of the way.

So what would I have to edit to make this happen.

Visual representation hastily made in paint(I plan to clean it up before it's done):


index.template.php contains all that. You'd modify the table as defined in the lower part of template_main_above (which is the three areas above) then remove the call to template_menu almost at the end of that function.


Well, there will still be a need for the menu bits where they are.


You mean under that block, even though it's mostly a duplicate? In that case leave the call to template_menu in.


How would I edit the menu items that are above out of the template without removing them from the system, ie things like index.php?action=pm.


You want to remove them from the main menu? You will need to edit Subs.php to remove their definitions.

Basically the reverse of Adding tabs to SMF 2.0


And they'll still work in the upper menu, right?


Any upper menu you add will be totally independent of the template_menu.