I need some help, really hard. Any help is welcomed!!

Started by kizko, December 10, 2009, 10:40:52 AM

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Could you ask your host what is the umask set for your user, and specially, for the Apache user?

They said 755.

Do they mean "022"? The umask has to be set to the difference between all permissions and the resulting permissions on the file/folder. In order for the file/folder to be 755, the umask should be 022... Are you sure that is the case?

002 they said.

Sorry I insist, 002... or 022, I suppose? :)

Just a minute, are you still online?


Not really, left for a little while and leaving again, I'm afraid. :(
I'll be back in several hours.
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Finally, there were some file in that subforum that wasn`t writable. Together with an operator from host, we made some changes, and finally I`ve succesufull installed Global Headers and footers.

Hope there aren`t any problems.

Thank you for your time Norv!! Really, if you need any help in consoles domain (Playstation,Xbox and others) feel free to visit me, and my friends will help you asap.
Not only you, evryone who helped me!