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Anyone has experience with sitemaps xml?

Started by, January 06, 2010, 09:47:11 AM

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I need help with sitemaps for the forum. It's very confusing of how to properly create/submit sitemap xml to Google.

I want to have sitemap that points to every individual post on the forum (no to thread, but to a single post)
A single sitemap will definetely be over the allowed 50,000 urls limit.
So I am thinking to create a new sitemap every day with posts that came it on that day. But that would mean that after a year I will have 365 sitemaps created.

Another strategy I was thinking about is to have monthly sitemap and keep modifying it every day and resubmitting it to Google (modified version daily), but that also means that modified sitemap will have only a small portion of its urls being new and the rest already know by Google.

This is so confusing. How do you do it?


There's a mod to deal with it on the mod site.

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As Arantor said, there is a Mod for this...
SlammedDime's Sitemap Mod:

Quote from: The Mod's Features
Features of the Sitemap:
- allow everyone or just admins to see the XML *link* (could save on server load on large forums)
- set the number of topics to show in the XML sitemap
- set the priority for topics that are 30,60, 90, or 91+ days old
- dynamic calculation of the changefreq for the XML sitemap
- obeys forum permission settings (if someone normally can't see a board or topic on your forum, they won't see it in the sitemap either)
- XML sitemap always displays what a guest would see, and is cached for faster performance
- Works with SEF url settings
- Works with Pretty URLs
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Is any of you using this mod? I just want to see the real live example of how your sitemap xml looks like. Basically I want to write my own hack, but first I need to see examples and ideally testimonials from people who uses sitemaps - do they help to have more of your threads indexed and listed in Google?


Sitemaps do nothing for having *more* indexed. Google is quite capable of finding navigable links by itself.

However it will generally demonstrate content is fresher.