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Any member can change anothers avatar

Started by annag, January 03, 2010, 06:12:31 PM

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I am using 2.0 RC2 on one board and 2.0 RC1-1 on another.

On both boards a normal regular member can go into other members profiles and change their avatar.  Is this right?

I do have it set that any member can change anyones custom title (as its funny), but have the 'Edit other people's account settings' and ' Edit other people's profile options' UNTICKED.

Is this a new feature, or do I need to change a permission or something?



Since you have allowed editing of custom titles this also has to allow editing of the forum profile page, which is where the avatar is set.


No probs - thank you for your quick reply.

They are a good bunch, might be quite amusing !! :)


Well if you're letting them go nuts with each other's custom titles you night as well let them go nuts with avatars too, at least until someone throws their toys out of the sandpit. :D

I'll mark this as solved if you're ok now.


A link to this forum? I might wanna join!!!