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[2.0 RC2] frontpage news

Started by applecheescake, January 08, 2010, 12:16:53 PM

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having a little trouble with the frontpage news showing on www.muppetswithguns.net there should be several topics appear on the frontpage as they did before the yagam mod was installed. we experienced issues with the mod so uninstalled it and since then, there have been no topics on the frontpage.

any idea how to rectify this?

Nick Whetstone

If you are using a PortaMX function to display news (looks like you are), you'd likely be better off asking in the Mod Support Topic or on PortaMx's website.

Otherwise, if you are using SSI, make sure you call up the SSI file and use the ssi_boardNews(); function. See more info on this function here.
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cheers, i've gone to the mod support page... i didn't even realise it was a mod as fussilet sorted the site for a mate ;)