Merkia theme to SMF 1.1.11

Started by .:Tanner:., January 02, 2010, 04:33:40 PM

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I found a very clean, medieval looking vBulletin theme. It is a FREE theme.
The download link: [nonactive]
Theme demo link: [nonactive]

Please convert this theme to SMF 1.1.11, and post the download link on this topic, or send me a pm.

Thank you to anyone who can do it.


Those are cool looking themes.
btw, the only sMF forum which has a very relative loo like is this one [nonactive]


Alright thanks. I will look at this. I will look through it, hopefully I will find something.
If anyone can help, I am still looking for someone to convert this theme to SMF 1.1.11 compatibility!


I'm afraid that was never done as part of the official converting tools. Specially since themes, free or not, have copyright requirements and thus, the approval of the author would be necessary.
You may find useful to take a look at the Help Wanted (not for support) board to ask for help on it, paid or free.
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