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SMF forum posts to Twitter / Facebook (without mods/coding!)

Started by Mr. Jinx, January 15, 2010, 10:10:01 AM

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Did you used this url?;action=.xml;sa=news;boards=114



Quote from: jennyc on June 01, 2012, 04:19:05 AM
yep and it changes it back to that above.
Hm, did you try and as well? works fine for me though, but you can try alternatives i guess.



thanks used instead but you gave me the info about the rss feeds


How come if I try to limit feeds to certain boards I get this error:

''Your feed might be empty or missing publish dates or GUIDs. A feed needs to contain publish dates or GUIDs in order to work with twitterfeed''

If I put


it works nice, but this does not:


Any idea?

Mr. Jinx

Are you sure you are using the correct board id?
The first board doesn't have to be '1'.
Click on a board and take a look at the URL.
Is the board public?

If you still have problems, post the url you are trying to add to twitterfeed right here.


The board id is ok, but not so relevant since I tried several of them. They all exist and are public.

It seems twitterfeed has a problem in reading the url when board option is added:;action=.xml;sa=news;boards=1

Mr. Jinx

Ah I see, nothing wrong there.
Board 1 is empty, just place atleast one post in board 1 and everything will be fine.

I tried a feed from board 4, which has a post in it, and it worked fine:;action=.xml;sa=news;boards=4




It may be worth mentioning this tip is still good to go.

However for those of you whom wish to use twitter and facebook you only have to fill in details for twitter.

The automatic log ins do the rest.


I have set this up and it is posting every single post I and others make, is there a way to set it so it just posts new topics rather than every post within a topic?


Don't forget this is automatically done.

One of the mods may be more suited for ya.


I guess it will help get the forum name out there, I just do not want to annoy followers seeing every single post posted on the forum


Sure there is, add ;sa=news to the feed URL so it only promotes new topics.
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