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Started by TwistedTommy, June 27, 2022, 11:55:27 PM

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Link to the mod

Hub Members Mod
The Original Automated SMF AirDC++ Web Client Hub Members Mod


Hub Members Mod, or HMM is The Original Automated SMF AirDC++ Web Client Hub Members Mod, which automates membership syncronization between your SMF web site and your hub, using an airdcpp-webclient and a set of PHP integration functions.


First, install the HubMembersMod package to your SMF forum.

Next, make sure your AirDC++ Web Client user has the proper priviledges to perform the membership syncronization on your hub.

Next, browse to the SMF Admin -> Configuration -> Hub Members Mod -> Settings user interface panel and edit the values for the following variables:
  • Enable Hub Members Mod
  • Do Not Check SSL Certs (Allows secure TLS connections with clients using unsigned certificates)
  • Web Client Username
  • Web Client Password
  • Web Client Address
  • Comma Separated Hub Addresses

The integrate_delete_member hook is commented out because of a logical error in the SMF integrate_register and integrate_delete_member hooks.

Sadly, SMF does not provide any hook for changing, maintaining or syncronizing the identity (user nick only) of the user.


Let's work better together. We are looking to collaborate with like-minded people who want to contribute in any capacity. Collaboration is open to everyone and we need your help if you are a:
  • Developer
  • Graphic Artist
  • Linguist/Translator
  • Tester

Feel free to:
  • Fork the repository
  • Branch your repository with a meaningful name related to the changes you are making
  • Create a Pull Request


GitHub: [nonactive]

Copyright (c) 2022 HubMembersMod - All Rights Reserved


Any Chance for an Download? The Repo don't exist anymore :( - Does somebody download the file and can share it?

Greets ;)

Diego Andrés

It still has a package attached in the customization site.
You cannot view this attachment.

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