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Started by Suki, April 07, 2010, 06:47:12 PM

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Matthew K.

This mod is actually up for grabs, if anyone is interested in taking it over and updating it, shoot me a PM.


Thanks for this nice Mod
I worked with:
SMF 2 in German

SID Giessen


This mod is marked as outdated, please use this one instead:
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Quote from: Suki on January 14, 2012, 03:00:09 PM
This mod is marked as outdated, please use this one instead:

Suki, Thank you very much..I appreciate this massively..And so far it's working great.

I have a question,it's more of I dont understand kind of thing.
IN the image below it says,

Enable the AddThis script.
This will add the addthis script below the menu on the following pages:
-Topic page.
the Addthis script will share the entire page rather than an specific part of the forum.

MY question is,what/where exactly is the menu? cause it's only showing at the top of my site on every page in the described list.
the image below is a screen shot of where it's located on my site.

Matthew K.

Miss All Sunday is no longer supporting this modification, from the sound of it, as she merged it with another modification of hers. Therefore, you should be using that mods support topic.


oh, ok.. I did not realize i was in the wrong support.,thanks

Petter B

I tried the mod and the newer variant of it
In both of them it seems to be a preset button , not connected to the personalt account created at AddThis, where its possible to see statistics of sharing, and design your own button and how it will work.  See attached "Addthis 1".

Does anyone now what to change to get the personal AddThis-code into this mod?  See attached "Addthis 3".

Notice of Termination of AddThis Services.

What's Changing?

As part of a periodic product portfolio review, Oracle has made the business decision to terminate all AddThis services effective as of May 31, 2023.
watch video graphic
Key Dates

Existing AddThis users can expect that after May 31, 2023:

    the user must immediately cease its use of AddThis services, and promptly remove all AddThis related code and technology from its websites;
    AddThis buttons may disappear from the user's websites;
    the AddThis dashboard associated with the user's registration for AddThis, and all support for AddThis services, will no longer be available;
    all features of AddThis configured to interoperate with user's websites, any other Oracle services, or any third-party tools and plug-ins will no longer function.

Oracle thanks you for your attention and understanding in this matter, and for the many years of allowing Oracle to provide this service to you.
How Do I Uninstall the AddThis Button?

If you've copied and pasted the code into your website, go back into the code and look for <!-- ADDTHIS BUTTON BEGIN --> and <!-- ADDTHIS BUTTON END -->, then delete these lines and any code between them. If you've used another method to install AddThis on your page, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you.