Balloon-Shaped Frame Message

Started by Masterd, March 31, 2009, 09:01:33 PM

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Balloon-Shaped Frame Message

made by
Version: 1.0 Date 2009-03-22
Compatibility: SMF 2.0 RC1


i like this, like the quotes one v. cool! are you going to do the code for 1.1.8 too?


Is there any way to change the colour to red?  O:)


can i have any support regarding this mod??

quick reply is not working when i applied this mod on smf 2 rc3...


Not working on smf 2 rc3

any help please?


i made it working with smf2 rc3 but quick reply was nor working so i removed it... btw it is prretty :p


I tried to fix by myself but I can't, instructions say to change "Display.template.php" but in my theme there isn't it. (my theme is orangeline)
Can someone help me please? thanks in advance.


If your theme doesn't have any of the template files then you need to edit the corresponding file in the default theme (Curve) since your theme will use those.  Do note though that this mod hasn't been updated in a very long time and since a very old version, so expect to encounter problems.  Make sure you save original copies of any files you edit as backup  ;)