MK Portal is so cool!

Started by MrLeN, June 03, 2005, 07:59:07 PM

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Hey I just made this post over at MK:

I can't believe that all this software existed and I have never seen it be fore. I've been online every day for 5 years. I feel like I've entered the twilight zone lol.

Hey, does anyone know.. and I have asked on the support forums of every other forum software maker online (unless there's more I don't know about - lol), is it possible to make SMF use the one user database?

I have all of my websites on one server, and it would be absolutely fantastic if I could install SMF and mKPortal under every domain and not have to get all my users to re-register under every domain. Of course I wouldn't mind if they had to log in separately (that can't be helped), but to use the same username and password would be so cool!



There's a few ways.  Search for "sharing members" or "sharing tables" or "ID_FORUM".

I don't know if it works for MKPortal, though.



HAHA ;).  I'm glad to hear you've finally entered the "twilight zone" of the internet by using the MK Portal :).

-Dan THe Man


surprised to see you here MrLen! :D

and oh OIDanTheManIO, i think he thought he'd entered the twilight zone because too
many features are currently under development at MKPortal. we're now testing a module
that integrates OsCommerce to the portal and we called it MKPortal Shop. you'll find it by
clicking the MKStore at the main nav menu or be clicking this thread: it uses a special
OSCommerce edition that is seamlessly integrated with MKportal and it also imports the
skin being used by your site. more things are coming up with future releases which would
come in a matter of weeks.

afterglow (aka theMoonPrincess at