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Started by Tapatalk, May 04, 2010, 11:09:40 AM

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Ok Im trying to register the site on the tapatalk site-
What did everyone do to get it to verify?


Be sure to read the part where it says not to add the index.php or anything to the end of the link when giving the URL.

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I've added this mod to my site and I'm using the app on my Motorola Droid.  Good stuff!  I'm also using the iPhone mod and theme.  Lots of options for mobile smartphone users!


I am glad you guys like it  8)

Are there any outstanding issues you are aware of?


One of the features that I may have missed and would love to see is being able to change to new posts first or last and a new icon so you know to which point the posts are new in a thread. 
thanks again for the mod it is great.


how do you adjust the clock?

Works great btw. Will there be ways to customize it in the future? Change the color scheme around.


so, we have to install that mod and then it will work with the app otherwise not?

seems good app.


I have already installed the iphone theme mod, can anyone tell me if I have to uninstall that first before installing this?

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Respected Team,

I have removed the older version.

Installed the latest version of package for my smf forum.

And updated tapatalk app on my iphone.

Could not beleive,  everything is just working fine.

I could login / logout, surf as guest. Visit my messages, view my forum topic.

You have done a extraordinary work.

Thanks for the update team. good work, will upgrade to pro soon.
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I have just installed and activated it for my forum at http://www.theinfostrides.com

I need testers to confirm to me how it works.


Just wanted to say that I did install this for one of my forums and have gotten feedback from my members which have all been GREAT.
They posted pictures on the forum of them using their Droid Incredibles and the clarity was spot-on!

Thanks guys and gals!

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In 1.1.11 I get somethin like "error code" "is26" when trying to send a PM via Tapatalk on Android.


Quote from: dedo on July 13, 2010, 08:06:04 AM
In 1.1.11 I get somethin like "error code" "is26" when trying to send a PM via Tapatalk on Android.

Do you have the free version of the App or the paid version?  The free version of the App does not allow you to post/reply/send PMs, but the paid version does from what I've seen.  This may only be with the Iphone version though, but it could be why you get the error.  Also, create a forum account at their site.  They are very quick and friendly at answering support questions there.

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I have installed the new 1.0.1 on my SMF2 RC3 system. I can see my Forum, all the Boards .. bot no topics.
If I click on a Board I get the error:
This forum appears have deactivated Tapatalk
All other functions works...

I use a Samsung I9000 Galaxy S with a TapaTalk RO app

Whats wrong?


Edit: Redirected boards also don't work ...


suggestion: only show notice to a android/iphone/bb device, and once until cache is cleared or something... i'd be way happeier

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Well, I installed it but now my signatures are gone.  It's like the package changed how the forum deals with std. html code.  I am on SMF 1.1.11 and used the lastest package right from Tapatalk.  My forum seems a tad slower too.  I'm about to uninstall this.

- P.S.  I tried two versions:  mobiquo_sm20_0_9_12.zip  and mobiquo_sm20_0_9_13.zip   Both of these messed up how my forum handles html coding.  Here's what I mean below.  This is a screenshot of a post I made about it.  It also messed up the signatures on my site too.


Hmmm, that's strange.  I have a highly modded site (67 mods installed) on RC3 and have had no slowness or changes to the forum as you are experiencing.  Did you make sure the mobiquo folder and all of the contents were made to permission 755?  I don't know if that will help at all, but I did make certain mine was after installation.

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