Is there a way to keep the posts expanded

Started by winky100, May 07, 2010, 11:40:46 AM

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I dont expect I will have lots of visitor to my site.

I notice that after I add a new post the software takes me up 1 level (to the level of all topics). Is there a way to stay in the topic that I posted to after I made the post? Also, is there a way to keep a topic expanded?


You can set it to return to the topic from your profile, in look and layout, "Return to this topic after posting." You can set that for all users from Admin > Themes and Layout > Member Options (or Reset Options, if you're using 1.1.x)

What do you mean by "keeping a topic expanded"? If you mean keep it permanently visible while seeing the other threads, no.


Thank you arantor. "Return To Topic" after posting is what I was looking for.

I have another question regarding "Sticky Topics". I have not downloaded any mods so I only have the default 1.1.x system. However, I cannot see in the admin panel(or anywhere) how I set a particular topic as "Sticky".  Can you shed some light on that?



Modify and then at the bottom, click that "sticky" box.