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Started by ishy, May 10, 2010, 01:09:45 PM

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Recently I have been looking for a particular genre of forum. There are a good number out there that come up high on Google, but almost all of them have the same 9 forums, which makes me wonder if the same person started them, or they were all copied from each other. Moreover, they are boring!  There's nothing unique or interesting about them that stems from the creator. There is some interesting content posted by members, but the forum itself has the same stock forums and none of them offer something unique from other forums of their genre. Yet, they are hugely populated and have a high SEO. I couldn't even tell that the admins/staff were actually managing the sites from day to day.

Does having less forums on a page mean better SEO? Should you hide most of them to gain that? Why does everyone follow the same pattern? I was looking for a particular feature that makes complete sense to have on that type of forum (essentially just small groups), and nobody had it.


Content is, as always, the key factor - not really presentation, and it's content that Google is mostly ranking on.


Also, remember that even if those forums have the same board names and organisational style, they could still have very different atmospheres and types of content. Especially if they are all populated by totally different member bases.


Oh, I wish that were true. I really do.  I'm a member of three of them, and while they may have different members, they all have almost the same content. I decided to create a competitor, just cause I'm fed up of months of being a member of these sites. Will be posting about it once I get it up and going.

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