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E-mail me user registration info?

Started by Socom-3, December 12, 2005, 09:57:26 AM

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     i would like to get the user registration info emailed to me. i would like to have the e-mail username and password. The reason why is that i need the above is because i Have a diffrent data base on my computer that i would like to add the info into. This will let the users access other parts of my website with the same login. If you can give me a code or a modification it would be greatly appreciated. my version of SMF is 1.0.5  ; :D


       well if i put the board on member activation. Could i add a simple script to the php code that says something like this. I am not sure what the real code is but like this:

After it tells it to e-mail the validation form to there e-mail couldn't i make it e-mail to my e-mail also.

Thats all i really need.


Emailing yourself their info is practically criminal if you don't encrypt their password first and/or warn them about it. Besides, why can you not use smf_api.php (From the downloads page) or SSI.php (Included with SMF) to authenticate the user on other areas of your site? It will make it much easier, more secure, and won't break as you upgrade SMF.
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Well i will be telling them that i will be able to see there password.  May you please just tell me how i can do this?



any help for this? i also need this code


you are best to open up a new thread as this thread is old and belongs to someone else.


Moreover I'm not sure if someone in today's age would like to make a code by which you can see someones else password and can breach their privacy. If you like to have only username, that can be done pretty easily, but I won't be able to help out if you are looking for there passwords too :).
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