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Theme problem

Started by emilin, June 05, 2005, 11:16:50 PM

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Hello again :D

Recently I have attempted changing themes. I have 2 directories for SMF (2 communities) on my host. I wanted to use the same template from the other one into the new one I made. So I used the "Edit Theme Features" or something link, and the 3 boxes that can be inputed with URLs of different theme packs was my primary target for switching themes (so that users of both forums hopefuly would not have to download the graphics again, thus conserving some of my bandwith). So, the top two boxes go fine I think, with the complete URL inserted, but I think I messed up on the 3rd one. When I hit "Finish" I got to a blank page. I looked at the other forum, and I realised that the 3rd box was not a complete URL but rather a directory within the other forum (e.x instead of "" it was "/themes/theme2") and because they are installed on different directories, this causes a problem.
So that's for the details. My question is is there any way to edit that manualy in the SQL database or in one of the .php files? I have it so that users cannot choose their themes, so everyone gets the theme, creating problems.

I tried to be as clear as possible, but this is realy frustrating me and I'm not sure if I got every phrase correct.
My SMF version is 1.2 (preparing to upgrade, don't laugh lol)

Thanks in advance for all replies.


youforum/index.php?theme=1 will put you back to the default theme, so you can change the correct file.s

- Jerry
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It still displays the broken template.


Quote from: emilin on June 06, 2005, 11:36:31 PM
It still displays the broken template.

Do you have more themes on there?  If so, try yourforum/index.php?theme=3.

-Dan The Man


Quote from: Jerry on June 06, 2005, 12:59:47 AM
youforum/index.php?theme=1 will put you back to the default theme, so you can change the correct file.s

:o :o :o How do you remember. I am new to this so it will take me some time


Try repairing your paths.  What is repair_settings.php?

If not, you can try reuploading clean files... does that help?

Did you make any backups?



Fixed. Thanks for the help :D