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header and linktree linkks not working...

Started by !RFAN, May 28, 2010, 08:55:48 AM

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hey guys help me..

visit my forum

try to sign in or click on search box... u will not be able to do that...
and a registered user who is logged in will not be able to check unread/replies to posts and he will also not be able to click on linktree.

so the portion below menu bar to above header is not working
a member cant click on these links..

unread posts
etc above header

can anybody help me?? please  :-\



i cant click on logo etc.. will anybody help me??? :(


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I think that I am having the same problem. I just upgraded to 2.0RC3, and my link trees aren't working right. Sometimes they appear, and sometimes they don't. The linktree shows, just no text. The link is there, so I can click and go where I want, but there is no text.
Thanks for your help in advance!!!


i have text but i cant click on it... :S

btw other themes are working all ryt

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I found the solution to my problem, maybe you should try it. Download and upload these files to your server.

I just did the English ones, but you can do whatever language for your forum.