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How to burn SMF Forum on CD ?

Started by divecall, June 08, 2010, 10:55:43 AM

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Hello !

I have a good working SMF 2 RC 2 (with SP 2.3.1) and more than 1000 members.
Actually i wont to give some members the opportunity, to browse the forum offline - from CD.

How i can do this ?
I was reading the programm "HTTrack Website Copier" can do this. Somebody know the settings for to grab the entire forum (all topics, all attachments,...) with this program ?

This program is nice, too: http://www.dwebpro.com/. Its freeware, but not easy for to choose the right settings. It burns a PHP and SQL version on CD, too.
But with this variation, you give the emails and PN away (the complete SQL-DB), so it is not so good.

Anybody have more solutions ?

Thank you in Advance.

Jakob Fel

Well, I don't quite understand why you would want it on CD for offline use, because if you aren't connected to the internet, you couldn't post anything. (I may be wrong, but I don't think you can, because it wouldn't upload your post to the server.) Anyways, I don't really know how you would burn it to CD. You would need to burn a backup onto the CD I believe, but I am not quite sure how they would browse the forum...
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Something like this might be the ticket. Write that along with the SMF directory and files, and your current database along with all the other required info. It might fall under 'redistributing SMF' though... ?


Thank you for the answer. But it is safe ?

i want to give 20 (or 30) members this CD, so this meaning they have the complete SQL-Data (PN, emails,...)

How i can delete this sensitive data in my SQL-Dump ?

What tables i need to clean, befor i make a copy ?

Nobody have experience with proggys to grab a forum only with html-pages?


You have two basic choices. You can either take a copy of the result HTML and save that as static HTML files. Works on a CD effortlessly, however anything that's dynamic is broken (e.g. memberlist sorting)

Alternatively you can create a CD with web and database server. If ALL your members are using Windows, it's possible to achieve by just setting up the server appropriately, but requires some custom configuration of the user's machine in most cases.

And that's without getting into people who don't use Windows, people who don't have a CD drive, or even the redistribution question.

Note that in both cases, your members will be unlikely to post anything.

If you REALLY want to persist, a better question would be figuring out WHY you're trying to do this. What is it, exactly, you're trying to achieve?
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Well, soon my forum has birthday. And a lot of users said, it is a lot of work, to read every topic (with almost 20000 postings...) and i want to give a "backup" from our forum every year - starting this birthday

-with this they have all the attachments in the right order and place
-complicated content the can read and read again
-soner or later my webspace is full and i need to delete older attachments


Putting that on a CD, including attachments, is a HUGE amount of work. A simple scraper process will not be sufficient, meaning you have to be distributing a webserver on a CD.

The process for this is complex at best. You're actually simpler building a Linux CD and having it boot into Linux than you are making it work properly on Windows. And it still won't work that effectively.

AND you will need written permission from SM LLC to do this because it will be redistributing forum files.
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All this work do this freeware, what you can found here: http://www.dwebpro.com/

And yes, it was possible for me to make a working CD. My problem is:

How can i stop, that somebody read the sensitive data (well, for me, it was not possible to read this data), but the creator from this software tell me in his support-forum, that all is possible...sure.

what tables in my sql-dump i need to clean for:
-delete email adress
-delete PN.

can somebody help me in this case ?


Seriously, you're NOT GETTING IT.

It's not just about the data. Attachments are NOT IN THE DATABASE. They're separate files AS WELL as having a DB record of them. Just having the DB content isn't enough.
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Thank you for help me out.

Sure, on the CD there is a file called "www" and in this i need to copy all my content (Avatars, attachments, themes, sources,....ALL). A complete mirror from my webspace.

This DWEBPRO-Program handle the connection between PHP, MySQL and the files.

When i am disconnected to the internet, and i open a link on the CD called "start dwebpro", the default browser open on the machine and the forums comes. I can login with my password, can read all topics and can download all attachments.


Which means you're running a server on the CD.

Which means to distribute:
1. You need written permission from SM LLC to distribute their files.
2. It won't work on any machine that isn't running Windows.
3. It may not even work properly on machines that ARE running Windows.
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