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Looking for a certain functionality..

Started by carbon14c, June 12, 2010, 03:07:23 AM

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hello everyone! let me begin by saying that i have been using SMF for just over a year now, and i absolutely love it. i am currently running it on my gaming site; infuziongaming-dot-com

i am starting up another site for my airsoft team, and naturally i want to use SMF again.. i plan to build a more extensive site coupled with the SMF software, however i am looking in particular for one addon/plugin type thing.

i don't know if any of you are familiar with the way meetup-dot-com works, we are currently using them for a quick little site that helps us organize our events; steelworksairsoft-dot-com

what i am looking for, is something that will allow users/administrators to do the following

-post events
-allow users to click a button for a certain team
-track/display which users have chosen which team
-track/display when the certain event takes place
-track/display where the certain event takes place
-keep a record of past events and most of this info
-possibly link it to the forums so that users may post comments about the event

i guess this would be similar to posting a poll, in that each user can choose an option... but does anyone know of an addon that would do this? or will i have to spend a week coding it in html/php/msql (lol)

thanks in advance!