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Color Splash Avatars
« on: June 18, 2010, 12:54:33 PM »
Link to Mod

Square Collection contains a very colorful sample of ROYGBIV inspired squares paired with smaller ROYGBIV inspired squares.
     - 49 Avatars included
     - 256x256 , but image is smaller as these have a slight blank border encasing the image

I created a badge collection for my site and had scaled my originals down to roughly 25x25.  I decided to go back to my original creations which were 256x256 and create an avatar collection from them.  These look good on light themes, but really POP on darker themes!

*** There are a total of 49 avatars in the collection!

*** There are an additional 49 smaller versions (20x20) that can be used for Badges, too.  You can use these for Post Groups, Member Groups, etc.  The Badge file is a separate download and is not a mod, but is included in this post in order to not cause confusion.

created by C4G-TK
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