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adding some lines or boxxes

Started by sattninja, June 22, 2010, 08:37:22 PM

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// Any custom fields for standard placement?
         if (!empty($message['member']['custom_fields']))
            foreach ($message['member']['custom_fields'] as $custom)
               if (empty($custom['placement']) || empty($custom['value']))
                  echo '
                        <li class="custom">', $custom['title'], ': ', $custom['value'], '</li><br />';

Give the above code a try ;)
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inserted the code good news is no errors

bad news no change maybe it is controlled somewhere else i will put a post up in the mod support post
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That's not the right area to add the line space, search the file for the awards mod, its labeled there.

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OK will take a look tomorrow man thanks
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sattninja did any of the posts help?
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no still havent got it but no big deal
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