How to make topic reply Descending arrange?

Started by kayser916, June 22, 2010, 10:31:28 AM

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 8)I want to make topic reply descending arrange. Generally the reply list according to writing time. The first reply always list first, But I want the new reply list first. Maybe we should modify the code. But I don't know how to modify. Could someone help me? My SMF is rc 3.0
Thanks in advance.


Admin - Configuration - Themes and Layout - Member settings

Slect the theme you are using and klick "Change current options for all members using this theme"

The 9th option (for me) is "Show most recent post at top", activate or deactivate this, just what you want.
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Aha, But I only need the other's new reply post firstly and after the topic post, accord. to your guideline the topic post also enter into the whold list.  I only need the REPLY list Descending.


have you checked the mod site? if memory serves correctly this sounds like a mod that was there once
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