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Actor Avatar Extras

Started by John Slater, June 05, 2005, 04:59:05 PM

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John Slater

Link to Mod

This package includes avatars which will be added when installed to the actor directory. The avatars include some very updated pictures on stars.

These avatars are made by John Slater. The Avatars are the deafult themes size, 65x65 and can be added with ease. This mod will be updated a lot.

Made By John Slater (thesimpsonsjohn)

John Slater

Hope you like them, the avatars are clean and clear and we have some re-vamped images of Cameron Diaz, Brad Pitt and some others. We also have some british actors.

I will be making a Artisit version of this mod, with images of Music Artisits.


Nice mod :).  Awesome replacements for those ugly default avatars :P.

-Dan The Man


I had a remark somewhere else that the actors and musicians avatars are not used by anyone.
Well, this might change the things.  ;)


John Slater

Yeah, maybe SMF will put mine in the public release of Beta 2. :-) would be cool. I will do a lot more, including the simpsons, family guy, OC, Friends and some mixed avatars

John Slater

Please can you suggest some more Actors and Actresses please so i can make an update =)