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More than one search result

Started by discoebbe, July 06, 2010, 08:57:43 AM

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Hi at all,

is there a way to set up the search srcipt to show me more the one result per topic.


Hi, discoebbe! Welcome to SMF!

Is that request for here, or on your forum?

Can you also be a little more precise in what you're asking, please?


I'm looking for a solution for my forum (hxxp:www.orchideenkultut.net [nonactive]).

Case: You are looking for a phrase "my flower xyz" than you will recieve a result like this:

Topic: The Flowers
Post: bla bla my flower xyz bla bla bla

But in this thread (The Flowers) there are a lot more post, containing the searched phrase. My goal is it to get the full list of matching posts, not just one per thread.
I tried to set up a new LIMIT for the mySQL statement (search.php) but nothing happened...


That's odd.

Both here and on my forum, it produces ALL results.


Under Admin--> Search what are your settings?
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