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Started by JasonN, June 11, 2010, 03:31:52 PM

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Hello guys. In my SMF / Mambo site, the forums do not get wrapped when I enter the forum URL. I installed everything correctly, made sure that the settings were what I needed them to be and hilighted the box contaning the word "wrapped".

Does anyone know why my forum is not being wrapped by my Mambo template? Is there something I need to adjust in the SMF ACP? Like a theme setting(s)?

THX in advance for all the help!



if you go to the FORUM URL, then you are right... it won't be wrapped. You need to use the mambo-bridged i.e. the component URL

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mine is wrapped but it is off center and shifted down about 8 - 10 inches down the page. It doesnt Wrap well.

Is there a way to shift the posistion and size of the forum to layout nicely centered?