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Can we get these features on SM if we switch?

Started by nuTTTz, August 17, 2010, 08:49:08 PM

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I hope I am posting this in the correct place, apologies if its not.

We are currently running a forumotion board which cannot be hosted by us.

Its time to move to a board we host ourselves, and have explored a few different, and even installed a couple of different options, only to find that key elements are missing.

We have been looking at SM now for the better part of the day, and are impressed with many aspects.
But before we take the time to setup a database and install SM, we would like clarification on a couple of things.

Our current board has a calander function, which can be linked to specific posts on the forum. In our case this is invaluable for quick access to event details for our members.
Is that same function available to us with SM? On the same level as what we currently use, or is there enhancements we might be interested in?

The second concern we believe we have answered, but wish to verify.
Is a TeamSpeak viewer easily incorporated?

Also, as we are a racing league, tracking event results and stats is crucial.
What functions are built, or can be added on to SM that may help us in that regard?
Please feel free to browse our current forum for comparison purposes.

As a community already experienced with the SM platform, your knowledge, experience and opinions on these matters is invaluable, and very much appreciated.

Thank You to all who can, and choose to be of assistance to us. :-)



Let's put it this way, SMF is one of the most flexible and versatile systems out there so even if there wasn't something exactly made for it already the tools built in with SMF will get you there.


WOW, some pretty nice themes you have created. :-)

Specifically though, I need to know if the calender is linkable to a post.
That is the method we have been using to direct our members quickly to the event information, and is a crucial tool, and an important factor in our decision.
The TSViewer it seems wont be a problem, the TSViewer site itself mentions SMF specifically. So it would seem that question is pretty much answered.

Ever done any racing themes? :-)

Thank You


Yes, calendar events can be linked to posts. The calendar is a default feature of SMF and is very flexible in itself.

As for TeamSpeak, there isno current integration for it that I know of.


Calendar can be linked to posts.

For themes you can always get an SMF Custom Theme Quote when you are ready.


Yes, as mentioned topics can be linked to calendar events, in which appear in the info center.  I use it myself on our forum, which members use to link their tournaments events.


^ Even has a handy feature that members can click to auto register for the event in the topic, in which the event holder can click a button that PM's all members who registered for that event on the topic; for when the event is approaching, or just a reminder ;).

I recently moved to SMF a few months ago with many doubts.  But it truly is the most flexible, and versatile, software I've ever worked on.


Thank You.

All your input is very much appreciated. After much reading, downloading, installing and tweaking, we have decided to go with SMF 2.0 as our fourm.

On the subject of TeamSpeak Viewer.. the TSViewer code pasted into my advertisements works quite well. As we saw upon testing.

Again TY all :)