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all members are admins?

Started by zackrussell, August 29, 2010, 08:37:32 PM

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ok so when i went to my forum i created 2 or 3 test users and all of them with diffrent passwords but when i login with them it has he admin feature for them also and they can change the forum around and idk why pleas help???


hello anyone pleas help i need it

Matthew K.

I have seen this before, once.  Did you try clearing your cache before registering another account?


Matthew K.

Try clearing your browsers cache, and then register another member.


can someone on here register and see for mee


i took out the link because i loged out cleared everything on my browser even downloaded and used a diffrent browser and it still gives admin option??? someone pleas tell me how to fix problem??

Kill Em All

Link to your site along with a list of mods installed?

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1) Clear your history, cookies, cache, and renew your IP adress.

2) Register for an account. You CANNOT use any other account before that on the site you are on.
We're not on 4Chan so no one here cares about your retarted meme's.

"Lulz" Factory


i had barly any members and nothing on it yet so i delted site and am going to reupload it because it probably had problems with it from when i upgraded from 1.1.11