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Have a too much traffic problem.

Started by centralcoastbass, December 19, 2010, 03:42:41 PM

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I have a bass fishing forum and have way to much spam traffic, In oct. alone I had 19000 new members. But most are multiple new members created by one person, I remove there posts and ban them. Is there a way to only allow one member creation per ip address or some other way to limit multiple member creations by one person. I am getting tired of deleting 60 or so post a day and banning so many members. Any ideas.

Son of Man

You can set the registration to Admin approval, which means that members can not post until you've looked over their info first.  Also, when you ban members, make sure to block their IP's.  And if an email seem to come from a weird place, you can block that entire domain.  That way, anyone with a similar email address, say ****@spam.ru, is blocked from ever joining your forum.


E-mail, host name, ip address ect. thats how come I know it multiples. I ban one member and suddenly find the next four members around there post are already banned when I click on them. I will try the admin approval idea, seems like a good idea, thanks.