Quck reply and inserted Tags issue

Started by Lordmiller, October 22, 2010, 11:43:49 AM

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Intermittent bug, but I think I can provoke it on my forum at will now.

Something seems to be going haywire between the quick reply box and the spell checker in Chrome causing font and size tags to generate. . .the oddest thing is that the size tags are in %s which seems totally wrong.

Using 2.3 of the forum, it may be one of the mods installed, wondering if anyone else has this issue, and we can compare installed mods to try to track down the cause.

(Note, this is the browser spell check I'm referring to, that underlines misspelled words in red as you type. . .I am not referring to the forum spell check button)

Example of the issue:


[size=78%]This seems to be a linked fault [/size]betweenn[size=78%] the spell checker and the quick [/size]reply[size=78%] box[/size]

any thoughts?


I have the same issue here.  It only started showing up when I switched over to chrome from Firefox.

I don't have many mods installed.

SMF 2.0 RC3
Country Flags
Avatar Verification
SMF Project Tools

How about you ?  Did you ever find a solution to this issue, it's reasonably annoying.


If you go into your profile and choose a non WYSIWYG option for quick reply, you should see it less often.

The other answer is for long posts, use reply, not quick reply.