Started by Fussilet, April 17, 2009, 09:12:52 PM

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Hey Fussilet for the life of me I can't change the style of font for these areas I have tried changing every font type in the style.css but no luck. With it set to this it also makes the same font for my shoutbox and it's really hard to read.

Can you get me in the right direction?

Thanks in advance


7 day bump :D

I have changed every font style in the styl.css but these are still the same? Grrrrrr and the chat is using the same font, any ideas?


Excuse me, I was ill a few days...

for linktree color
/* Normal, standard links. */
a:link {
    color: #FF9900;
    text-decoration: none;

a:visited {
    color: #ffffd2;
    text-decoration: none;

a:hover {
    color: green;
    text-decoration: underline;

for admin  menu:

.maintab_back {
    background: #707983 url(images/maintab_back.png);
    color: white;

.maintab_active_back {
    background: #3d70af url(images/maintab_active_back.png) repeat-x;
    color: white;

for  titlebg:

/* These are used primarily for titles, but also for headers (the row that says what everything in the table is.) */
.titlebg, tr.titlebg th, tr.titlebg td, .titlebg2, tr.titlebg2 th, tr.titlebg2 td
     color: #ffffd2;
     font-style: normal;
     background: url(images/titlebg.gif) repeat-x #222222;
     padding-left: 10px;
     padding-right: 10px;
     line-height: 22px;


sorry, I 'm just newbie

there are two zip files theme and menu

how can I install it?

I installed the theme but where should I upload the menu to my server?
I uploaded it in the Dark-F folder with no result

sorry for my poor english


Hi there
I just bought the theme and it's wonderful,however is there anyway that I can add an option to show outstanding PM's. You have * of PM's or something?

Thanks a bunch


This skin is not trully SMF 2.0 RC1-1 compatible even if it say so in the download section.

I use a language pack, and the theme use non-standard variables names,

From the default template, the MessageIndex.template.php file use thoses variables at the end of the file:

And this theme use thoses variables:

The last 3 of them lead to a board with no text for those links.

And this is just a example, because their seem to have a lot of missing words when I'm displaying the a page with this theme.

Is it possible to fix the theme before placing it into the SMF 2.0 RC1-1 download section ?

Hope I've helped :)


I can confirm this - I've found several issues with the theme, and can confirm this is all something wrong with the theme, as these issues don't happen when I switch to another theme:

Issue 1:

Whenever I click ona board that isn't the first one, I get this error:

Issues 2 & 3 - I circled problem areas where buttons or links or even default text was missing.

There are definitely some big issues with this theme that need to be fixed before it is viable.


@ zion and FMaz

I can assure you that this theme works PERFECTLY with 1.1.x and SMF 2

For SMF 2 you must BUY it as it says when you click on the DEMO and click on "SMF 2.0  PREMIUM"

It's worth every penny as you can see here

Monsters Mansion


Quote from: mrtrc266 on June 10, 2009, 12:30:51 AM
@ zion and FMaz

I can assure you that this theme works PERFECTLY with 1.1.x and SMF 2

For SMF 2 you must BUY it as it says when you click on the DEMO and click on "SMF 2.0  PREMIUM"

It's worth every penny as you can see here

AH... I got ya.

Was going to say, it was throwing me for a loop.

Damn thing is, would you believe I can't afford 6 bucks atm? :p

Damn indeed, really loved the menu interface too....  >:(  :-[


Hello there.

Can this theme be integrated with tinyportal?
Version of forum is 1.1.10.
Problem is in index.template.php, couse codes for tinyportal dont exist...
Can you please help with this?



wow , this is a truly amazing theme, I am in complete awe of your skills!!

I'm new to SMF themes and when I installed this the dynamic image based menu is not working, I'm sorry to be asking what I suspect may be a very newb question, but how can I install this properly.

does it need additional features ???
SMF v 1.1.10


Hi, this is so nice theme I installed it but I can't instal some mods like color legend...
What is the problem?

Plz help!!!  :(


hey how i can the put the menu psd on the theme?


Sorry to bump this thread but im trying to use this really good template, but im also having a problem of getting the menu buttons to show, at the moment it just shows the text and they move that way, but no pictures.
Any ideas anyone?
(SMF 1.1.11)


hey all

i'm new to SMF and i DLed this template. I never played with a SMF template before -

i noticed there are a lot of things missing just like in ZION's post.

I did notice after that someone said u had to buy the full version? so once i pay the $6 then i'll be able to have the "reply""post new topic" etc.. buttons that i am failing to have now?

I know stupid question but i am just trying to figure out how this works now.



Ciao, I have mkportal how can link with a extra home button? thanks