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Users Online - Can't tell who is really online

Started by MC73, November 09, 2010, 09:52:32 PM

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I just upgraded to 2.0 rc4 from 2.0 rc3. Everything is going as expected but I have noticed that sometimes there are members that are actually online but they do not show up all the time in the online list. I do have it that regular members can not hide themselves and the online time is still at default @ 15 minutes.

It is just weird to see a member not showing online but they are in chat talking. To use the Simple Portal chat, you have to be a registered member on the site. This problem did not happen with 2.0 rc3.
Has anyone every seen or heard of who is showing up in the list, isn't actually all the members online ?


*Update* Word for the wise, The theme that i downloaded said it was for 2.0 RC4 but i did a check and it said in Maintenance that it ( Theme Template )was actually compatible with RC3. Thank Goodness there is a Compatibility check in Admin.
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What I thought may have been a theme that said was for rc4, was really not and i thought that may have been the problem ..... I have ran everything in maint but nothing has helped keeping the members that are actually online, to show up as online as they are there in the " users online" area.

besides from reloading rc4 again ..... im at a dead still ....

This is what i see ...

Users Online 0 Guest, 2 Users (0 Buddies) Users active in past 15 minutes: MC, dragon52

This is what someone else sees at the same time ....

0 Guests, 3 Users (0 Buddies) Users active in past 15 minutes:BigBird, MC, snake32


Just noticed that im not the only one having this problem via this post from the bugs area
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MC73, id suggest posting you are having issues with this in that topic and provide a link to here.

If t his is a bug more info will be needed
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Can you please try also asking, if they know of such problem? Can you also make sure Simple Portal is updated to the last version?
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